Lauren Edwards: Everything Is A Lie – Comedy Review

Lauren Edwards is angry and stressed with the way our world is currently, and so she should be.

Lauren tells us that her stress had reached a point where it was so bad, she had to cancel her original run of the show due to stress – this isn’t a joke, or a lie. I know Lauren best from her wonderful Kath and Kim videos, perfectly characterising Australia’s favourite horn bags. I knew she was funny, but I wasn’t quite prepared for how much she could make me laugh without a Kath Day-Knight wig.

Lauren gives us a hilarious hour worth of venting and singing about how crappy the world is and how she’s turned that frustration into an angry gremlin woman ready to fight conservative uncles everywhere. Anti-vaxxers and liberal politicians are two of the biggest targets here, her delight about being blocked on social media by several liberal politicians was *chef’s kiss* brilliant.

Lauren sings about how our country has endured an incredibly difficult couple of years, and our current government hasn’t really helped all that much, or maybe they’ve actually made things worse. One of my favourite moments of Lauren Edwards’ show, ‘Everything Is A Lie’, was reflecting on how women were told to start a gratitude journal to help get through life, a song that made me laugh so much that honestly, I almost spat my drink on the person in front of me.

I’ve always loved seeing female comedians perform and tell vibrant, daring stories that push the status quo of what women should talk about. Lauren addresses topics on how people (mostly men) expect women to feel, to act in public, the way we need to react to something, smile and pretend it’s all okay. Even as the world burns and you have climate change anxiety, Lauren covers everything, it’s like regular anxiety – except green!

I’ve always been apprehensive about singing comedians, but Lauren does it in such a perfect delightful, natural, and enjoyable way. She got a great set of pipes, and her writing is amazing, with music and lyrics that could work either in a comedy show format or even as a song on its own, I want them all so that I can listen to them as a ‘pick me up’ during moments when the world gets little a bit too much to handle.

Lauren really made me laugh, like drink-spitting laugh and I liked her, I really liked her. I felt a relatability to what she was saying and her way to anger straight white men was so perfect there was no denying she was 100% right about it.

‘Everything Is A Lie’ is a title so fitting for Lauren Edwards’ show. The show is all about how we’ve needed to tell ourselves and others lies to get through life. The way Lauren sings and makes us laugh is so honest that it’s refreshing, and the epiphany here is that life can be shit, but there are ways to get through it. Just try not to lie (too much) about it.

Lauren Edwards‘Everything Is A Lie’ currently is playing at The Butterfly Club until the 21st of May.
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