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Well it seems like DC Films and Warner Bros have been taking down notes and paying attention to the audience reaction of their past films, because they really reeled it in with Justice League. In the past, the DC Extended Universe has been very hit and miss. I admit, I was worried that Justice League would be another disappointment, but I couldn’t be happier to be wrong.

Justice League follows Batman as he feels remorse for the death of Superman and wants to put together a band of heroes to help fight for justice. The world is in despair from the loss of Superman, and from that fear they have unlocked a new enemy. Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman must learn to work with Batman, and with each other to save the world.

I found the pacing of this film – perfect. The editing is consistent, and scenes are always action-packed with the excitement building more and more towards the end. The film doesn’t drag, feel long, nor does it feel like that any time is wasted. Justice League allows plenty of time to introduce each character long enough for the audience to get to know them individually and with each other. Each character has a unique bond and chemistry with their fellow teammates. I thoroughly loved seeing these characters interact, although with different kinds of relationships, their mutual respect is the same.

I can’t even begin to choose which performance stood out the most, as everyone did their part to make this film great. I do have my favourites; I have always loved Superman and Wonder Woman, but I am biased as I really enjoyed their solo films. My face lit up every single time Woman Woman was on-screen. Gal Gadot shines and is always enchanting to watch. Henry Cavill as Superman is superb. We see Superman in a new light that we haven’t seen before in this film and it is mind-blowing. I really hope he has another solo film coming soon.

I was worried about the portrayal of Flash by Ezra Miller as I am so used to the TV version of the character. But once again, I was proven wrong. Ezra Miller did a fantastic job as cheeky and youthful Barry Allen/Flash. Flash is the most light-hearted team member. Despite this, his attention-grabbing performance still does not distract from the rest of his fellow teammates.

I am not a fan of Batman in the slightest. I have never liked Batman as a character and it has nothing to do with Ben Affleck. I just don’t like Batman. But in this film, I found Batman tolerable. He is vulnerable, more human and relatable; which is probably the biggest compliment I will ever give him.

Jason Momoa is tall, dark and wild as Aquaman. With his untamed mane, stunning tattooes and a rebellious edge, I would not be surprised with how many people leave the cinema swooning over Aquaman‘s magnificent yet attractive mysteries. I also loved his witty banter and cannot wait for his upcoming solo film.

Ray Fisher is another superhero new comer as Cyborg. I didn’t think twice about Cyborg when I first saw the trailers. But after seeing the film, damn. I really love his powers. I also never thought a character in the DC Extended Universe could be more dark and brooding than Batman. But once again I was wrong.

Each character comes out of their shell, learns to be more open and co-operative, and it’s a beautiful thing to watch. The character interaction and development in Justice League is surprising, strong, and I am so relieved that it is. The costumes and special effects are pretty great too. The only flaw in this film is we don’t get to know the villain enough. We don’t know much about his back story. But to be honest – we don’t care.

Justice League has a rich plot, wonderful comic-timing and is always engaging. I thought it was great and I can’t wait to see it again. Whatever DC Films and Warner Bros are currently doing – keep doing it. They’re finally doing something right.

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One thought on “Justice League – Film Review”

  1. Nubby says:

    Lol I didn’t care about Batman either but LOVED seeing Wonder Woman again and love seeing a different actor play the Flash. Dunno how this movie will rate in the DC universe.. i still think Wonder Womans movie was the best.

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