Jack the Giant Slayer – Film Review

It seems that fairytale adaptations are becoming a thing now. “Jack the Giant Slayer” is a new addition to the growing list of fractured fairytale films and is inspired by “Jack and the Beanstalk” and “Jack the Giant Killer”.

Both growing up and sharing a love for fairytale stories, Jack and Isabelle are from two different worlds. She’s a princess, he’s a farm boyNicholas Hoult plays “Jack”, a young farmhand who tries to sell a horse and cart and unexpectedly receives beans in exchange, which in turn opens a gateway to the world of the giants that live high above the clouds. By bridging the gap between both worlds, a war is reignited between giant and human. Eleanor Tomlinson plays “Isabelle”, a young princess forced into an arranged marriage who desires love and adventure. When Jack and Isabelle‘s paths cross for a second time, their lives are never the same.

I was really keen to watch this film and chose to view it in 3D. I believe that viewing it in 3D is great. It’s not too obvious with the special effects, but a 3D viewing still adds to the experience. I found the film to be very gripping. I couldn’t take my eyes away from the screen. The plotline is adventurous and entertaining, Jack unlike the fairytales is no longer a petty thief, but a young boy desiring to be great. The fairytale now has a love story element in this adaptation which I also think is brilliant and I’ve been wondering after viewing the film – why didn’t I think of that?

I really enjoyed the views from the beanstalk that were shown in the film when Jack was climbing it. I know this may seem strange, but when watching the film I couldn’t help but think rock climbers and outdoor adventure folk would love to climb that thing if it were real. It also effected me in a different way because I’m actually afraid of heights and in turn found these shots from up high on the beanstalk quite frightening and fascinating. In other words, the special effects were impressive enough to enhance a viewer’s enjoyment in the movie. I accept that at times I felt like the giants looked like they were straight from a video game, but I can’t complain – since I left the film with an elated feeling.

I really enjoyed Nicholas Hoult‘s portrayal of Jack, his problems being very relatable; poor, the desire to be great, growing up without parents and suffering from the pains of social rankings in society. Although this is a fantasy story, Nicholas Hoult makes Jack appear real and human. I believe Nicholas is a very talented actor and I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for him and his future works.

It was also so great to see Ewan McGregor in the film as well playing “Elmont”, the leader of the king’s elite guards who helps protect the princess. I enjoyed his screen time but felt I wanted to see more. Then again, who wouldn’t want more of Ewan McGregor? I understand that Ewan is a brilliant actor that can do just about anything, but I really must say that I’ve missed seeing him in sci-fi/fantasyroles and feel that he should do more sci-fi/fantasy roles more often. I’ve yet to meet someone who does not admire and adore Ewan McGregor as an actor.

Overall, I really enjoyed Jack the Giant SlayerIt has fantasy, action, romance, beanstalks, giants and is a tale of dismissing society’s ranks and being something more. After watching this film, I’m inspired to visit the Tower of London for reasons I cannot explain. I am loving these fairytale movie adaptations and I say bring on on the next one!

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