Greta – Film Review

Set in the big city of New York, Chloe Grace Moretz plays Frances McCullen, a young caring adult that lives with her best mate and works as a waitress at a high class restaurant. On a train ride home, Frances goes to exit the train and notices a handbag left on the seat. Quickly thinking to do the right thing, Frances collects the bag and travels home to where she decides she’ll return the handbag to the address located on the ID found inside.

When returning the bag to the rightful owner Greta Hideg played by Isabelle Huppert, Frances is instantly invited inside for a cup of coffee as a form of gratitude and we soon see a fast friendship build between the two women.

However, one day while looking through the cupboards for candles, Frances discovers a cupboard full of the same handbags she had found on the train with different names and numbers written on a post-it note stuck to the bags. In a moment of sheer panic Frances exits Greta’s houses and avoids all contact from Greta, but Greta doesn’t want to let go of what they have so easily and starts to stalk Frances. From what first appeared as a lonely, harmless elderly lady turns pear shaped as you see the lengths Greta goes to get Frances back into her life.

Moretz delivers an impressive performance in this film. Her acting expresses what it would be like if the audience had their own stalker, where nowhere is safe and fear lies in every corner you turn. At times I wanted her character to have a bit more of a tougher side, but Moretz did a solid performance. The chemistry Moretz has with Huppert is so fascinating to watch, two different characters and yet a convincing ‘mother-and-daughter-like’ friendship.

Huppert is in no doubt incredibly talented, brilliantly cast and even though I knew she was playing the bad guy, I found myself easily convinced and still feeling sorry for her character who just wanted a friend.

Although Greta could be considered as a stand-alone film, I found myself leaving the cinema wanting a sequel or prequel. Not because it ended with questions unanswered, but because the characters were so enjoyable to watch that I wanted more. With some unexpected scenes that will have the audience laughing, Greta is the perfect thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Greta is out cinemas this Thursday in Australia, so be sure to catch this flick for a creepy yet enjoyable thrill.

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