Godzilla vs. Kong – Film Review

Whether you are Team Godzilla or Team Kong, Godzilla vs. Kong has a battle of epic proportions. Two giant beasts going head-to-head, what’s not to love?

Unlike Kong: Skull Island (2017) and Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019), where there was too much of the human characters running around and not enough giant monster to enjoy, Godzilla vs. Kong has learnt from its predecessors and provides plenty of screen time of the gigantic beasts for audiences to relish.

Millie Bobby Brown and Kyle Chandler return as Madison Russell and Dr Mark Russell respectively, characters both initially from the 2019 Godzilla film. Millie Bobby Brown takes on a more predominant role in this feature as investigative buddies alongside Julian Dennison’s Josh Valentine and Brian Tyree Henry as Bernie Hayes. The three consist of just one sub-plot in the movie and have acceptable on-screen chemistry together.

The other sub-plot follows actors Alexander Skarsgård, Rebecca Hall and young deaf-actress Kaylee Hottle as characters Dr Nathan Lind, Dr Ilene Andrews and Jia, with their story revolving more around Kong and their connection with the (for the most part) gentle giant.

Although I had to push the plausibility out of my mind regarding the adventures that both teams go through, to be completely honest, there was no team of the two storylines that I preferred more. Unlike the other two films in the franchise, I didn’t want to wish away the human scenes, nor did I crave for more monster content (because the film honestly gives you plenty of this). However, there are plenty of blatant plot holes and many things that the film could have done much better.

In his Hollywood debut, I was very excited to see Shun Oguri. He is one of my favourite Japanese actors and is an incredible one at that, but the film doesn’t give Oguri enough time nor content to shine, which is completely disappointing considering Godzilla is a Japanese creation. I repeat, Godzilla is a Japanese character, created by Toho Entertainment. Where was the massive Japanese team with Godzilla knowledge? I would be lying if I said I wasn’t frustrated with the lack of Asian representation in Godzilla vs. Kong.

Another thing I was disappointed with was Julian Dennison being severely underutilised. Dennison is known to be extremely hilarious with his excellent natural comic timing. However, the film takes itself far too seriously and could have been improved with a little more humour (well, a lot more), as this is meant to be an action-packed and fun enjoyable movie overall. Emphasis on the word ‘fun’.

If you’re going to the cinema wanting to be entertained by epic fights between Godzilla and Kong, you will get your money’s worth. In a battle between these two titanic beasts in Godzilla vs. Kong, the winner is clearly the CGI department.

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