Goddess – Film Review

I don’t know what’s with the movie musicals released lately, but people don’t really know how to make them like they used to.

Goddess” is about housewife, “Elspeth Dickens” played by Laura Michelle Kelly, who has an agreement with husband, “James” played by “Ronan Keating”, that she will stay and look after their two twin boys whilst James works until they’re old enough to go to school – and then it would be his turn. By moving from London to Tasmania and settling down, Elspeth has given up her dream of ever hitting the big time. But all that changes when her husband gives Elspeth a webcam and her footage ends up going viral. Elspeth is thrown into a frenzy and in turn, must decide between career or family.

There’s no denying Laura Michelle Kelly‘s talent, her voice is amazing and I can see she’s a talented singer. The songs are well composed, minus the lyrics which aren’t really well written at all. The concept of the film was clever but the execution was exceptionally poor.

I ended up tuning out and decided my phone was more interesting than the movie. In fact, the results of the storyline made me angryI don’t understand how a husband and wife cannot sort out their differences and make a decision for both parents to support their family? I found the film very sexist and one-sided giving the message that the woman should stay at home, take care of the kids and give up on all of her dreams. I’m sorry, but that’s fucked.

I must also add that nothing in this film is really ever resolved. Is the husband ever aware of his wife’s wandering lips? What happens to the money that Elspeth received for her previous work? Does the husband even attempt to be home more or is Elspeth back to square one? Is Elspeth even allowed to have a job? What happened to the people that scouted her? With a lack of character development, horrible writing and extremely bad acting, nothing can save this film. Nothing.

I am known to usually love musicals, but this film was awful. It didn’t feel or flow like a musical movie. Instead, it looked choppy and I felt like I was watching a bunch of music videos back to back the entire time. I honestly don’t think that the creators of this film even know what a musical really is.

I was at first really excited to see this film, but now that I have seen it, I wish I hadn’t. Don’t waste your time seeing this movie AT ALL because this is complete and utter garbage. “Goddess”? More like “Ambitious-less, Cowardly, Unfaithful, Boring Housewife”.

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