Ghostbusters Live in Concert with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra – Live Review

If there was something strange in your neighbourhood, you would call the Ghostbusters, right? Well that’s exactly what the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra have done. Dialing back to 1984, the Ivan Reitman award-winning film is screened live while the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra perform Elmer Bernstein’s Grammy-nominated score, as well as the catchy Ghostbusters theme song by Ray Parker Jr. Conducted by Benjamin Northey who also is a massive Ghostbusters fan, the film concert is a wonderful experience for both film fans and live music enthusiasts alike.

Starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, Annie Potts, Rick Moranis and Sigourney Weaver, the film follows three parapsychology professors, Dr Peter Venkman, Dr Raymond Stantz and Dr Egon Spengler who are fired from their jobs and decide to go into their own business offering services in ghost removal.

Accompanied by new recruit Winston Zeddemore played by Ernie Hudson, the four come to a realisation that the reason they are getting more and more work ‘busting’ ghosts is because there is a more sinister plot at play. The sinister plot includes a shape-shifting god of destruction, a pair of scary looking monster beasts and the puppetry use of one of their clients, Dana Barrett played by the captivating Sigourney Weaver and her nerdy neighbour Louis Tully played by Rick Moranis.

Satisfying both sci-fi and fantasy fans, the film is ever the comedy. Despite being 35 years old, this supernatural flick is still hilariously entertaining and a cult classic. The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s Ghostbusters concert is currently playing in Hamer Hall at Arts Centre Melbourne on the Friday the 26th of April at 7:30pm and at 1:30pm and 7:30pm on Saturday the 27th of April.

If interested, there is also a pre-concert talk, ‘Art of the Score‘ where three film experts break down the film’s score and display how the conductor works with challenges of performing the score in sync with the movie.

Ghostbusters Live in Concert with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra is a fun experience for all ages and those who love a good 80’s sci-fi classic. I highly recommend attending this supernatural blast from the past and letting both the Ghostbusters and MSO save your day.

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