Gaga: Five Foot Two – Film Review

Gaga: Five Foot Two is a music documentary that follows Lady Gaga as she releases her album “Joanne” and preps for her 2017 Super Bowl Half-Time Performance.

I was keen to see this film as I enjoy Lady Gaga‘s music, have seen her live and have over the years grown to admire and respect her as an artist. When I heard about this documentary being launched at the Toronto Film Festival, I was quite envious that we didn’t have such a premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival. So once this film was available on Netflix, I jumped at the opportunity to watch it.

This documentary honestly made me feel sorry for Lady Gaga. The way this movie has been filmed and edited, it portrays her life as exhausting, lonely and painful. With depression, anxiety and chronic pain, Lady Gaga’s life is not easy.

It really hits home in one scene when Gaga is at the doctor’s getting an intense body check-up describing to her doctor that she is in constant pain whilst also getting her make-up done by her team at the same time. Even though she’s having major health issues, Gaga is seen crying on the bed, swearing and distraught that her album is being leaked on the internet.

Whilst this documentary moved me to tears at some points, the ending felt abrupt and made me want more. I also wish this film expanded to include Gaga’s relationships with her friends, her family, her past relationships and her team. Whilst it may have been briefly addressed, we still don’t really see or know anything regarding these topics.

Overall, is this film worth watching? Yes. It’s worth a view to get an inside look on Lady Gaga’s life. If you’re a massive Lady Gaga fan or just want to get to know Gaga, watch this film. But please note, this is only a very small page of her life and we have yet to learn Lady Gaga’s full story. Who is Lady Gaga? We know her struggles, we know she works hard, we know she goes through a lot of pain. But besides all that, we still don’t really know. I longed for this film to go deeper, but it only just scratches the surface.

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