Gabbi Bolt: I Hope My Keyboard Doesn’t Break {Melbourne International Comedy Festival} – Comedy Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’ve always adored comedians that play music.

There’s just something special about them that I thoroughly enjoy. Whether it be the crazy musical talent, the humour, the clever lyrics, or just the undeniable charm that we are all enchanted by when watching a musician at work. With my knowledge extremely limited about Gabbi Bolt, I had decided to bite the bullet and check out this brand-new comedian on the comedy circuit at the 2022 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Although I am aware that Gabbi Bolt writes for the Chasers TV show and had a hand in creating the TikTok Musical – Ratatouille, these are things that I have not been exposed to. Gabbi Bolt’s show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival was my first exposure to Gabbi Bolt, her music, and all her talent.

Armed with a single keyboard and a microphone stand, it is hard to believe that ‘I Hope My Keyboard Doesn’t Break’ is Gabbi Bolt’s first-time performing comedy to a live audience. Gabbi Bolt is a natural on-stage with her infectiously quirky charms, beaming smile, and witty sense of humour. Not to mention her vocal chops are insanely good. Her stage presence is also phenomenal. You really want to sit there forever and listen to all Gabbi Bolt’s wild stories, because she’s just so captivating.

‘I Hope My Keyboard Doesn’t Break’ covers topics from Bolt’s humble country town beginnings, her relationship with her mother, male musicians with God complexes, misogyny, feminism, housing, affordability, and finally, climate change. I loved how Bolt went into the topic of housing with a hilarious original song about house sitting, not hesitating to ask the audience who actually owns a house. The mentions of the floods in Australia and climate change were also severely relevant and on point.

While the audience were attentive from start to finish during the entire duration of Bolt’s show, I must confess that was a little overwhelmed with some of the references, as Bolt hits the ground running and doesn’t stop to make sure that everyone is on the same page. I admittedly am not so politically inclined, so references to people and acronyms without explanation to who or what they stand for somewhat lost me during the performance. Although it appeared from the laughter in the room that most of the audience understood Bolt’s references, it still would have been nice if these references had been explained in a little more in detail and to not have the artist assume that everyone understands.

Despite this, it is undeniable that Gabbi Bolt’s ‘I Hope My Keyboard Doesn’t Break’ is a well written show with fun and original silly songs to boot. In a mostly sold-out season, Gabbi Bolt has announced extra shows including one tonight at 8:30pm at The Butterfly Club with its proceeds specifically going towards artists who have had their shows cancelled due to Covid. If you haven’t seen Gabbi Bolt already this year, you must.

This pocket rocket is a superstar in the making (if not already) and I honestly cannot wait to see what she does in the not-too-distant future.

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