Falling For Christmas – Film Review

‘Tis the season for Christmas films! It’s been a while between dance cards, but noughties icon and former teen queen Lindsay Lohan is back on screen where she belongs.

In Falling For Christmas, Lindsay Lohan plays Sierra Belmont, a hotel heiress dating an influencer, who ends up losing her memory in an unfortunate accident.

In the cutest little ‘Goldie Hawn – Overboard’ scenario but less comedic, more endearing, and still romantic as hell, Sierra now named ‘Sarah’, doesn’t remember who she is. Her rescuer, single father Jake Russell played by Chord Overstreet, has decided to take Sarah under his wing to stay at his family business at The North Star Lodge for free, until Sarah remembers who she is.

For many of us, we don’t get snow for Christmas, let alone winter. In Australia, it’s our hottest time of the year because Christmas is during our summer. So, it’s nice to see how the other side of the world celebrates the festive season in a snow-covered town with winter clothes, sleighs, mistletoe, and colourful Christmas decorations. The set designers were really keen to have the Christmas spirit overflow in an attempt to make the little town look like a Christmas wonderland, and they succeeded.

I actually found Falling For Christmas quite inspiring travel wise and ended up looking up the filming locations not long after the film. The idea of spending Christmas in a snowy town at a small family-owned ski lodge sounds cozy and fun. Of course, I’d have to go to the other side of the world and learn how to ski first.

Falling For Christmas is Lindsay Lohan’s big comeback, and it doesn’t disappoint. The film is filled with pop culture references, wholesome humour, heartfelt moments, and is the perfect Christmas flick to soak up while curled up on the couch.

I know some Netflix films can be a bit cheesy to the point of cringey but Falling For Christmas never reaches that point where it becomes unbearable. Instead, everything is welcomed, shamelessly self-aware and cheekily sweet. Although, this is due in part to the surprisingly well-written script, the believability of the characters with Jake’s mother-in-law Alejandra and daughter Avy played wonderfully by Alejandra Flores and Olivia Perez, and the chemistry between Overstreet and Lohan’s Jake and Sarah having consistent but natural growth.

Chord Overstreet is great as the romantic interest, but he isn’t limited to just that. He makes Jake seem likable and someone we feel like we already know. It’s 2022, what small business owner isn’t struggling?

Falling For Christmas is also a delight because it’s been far too long since we’ve seen Lindsay Lohan in her element in a feel-good flick, and it is obvious that many, including myself, have missed her.

Lindsay Lohan is the clear star. Yes, we’ve missed her dearly, but the film is also proof that she belongs on screen. Lohan effortlessly displays her natural comic timing, her vulnerability, and her impeccable acting chops. It is evident that her acting talents never left her, and I look forward to seeing Lohan in more films in the future. Hopefully producers are smart and hire her because she clearly is talented and has a dedicated following that want to see more of her.

Falling For Christmas is sweet and simply a lot of fun. It appears the film was fun for the cast as well, with some hilarious outtakes shown during the credits. I highly recommend Falling For Christmas if you love a family friendly Christmas movie, adore Lindsay Lohan, and just want those happy, fuzzy, warm Christmas feelings. I have no doubt that Falling For Christmas will be one that many will revisit every festive season, as it ticks all the right boxes of what makes a good Christmas movie.

Falling For Christmas is available on Netflix now.

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