Fahrenheit 11/9 – Film Review

Cards on the table, I have always in some part agreed with Michael Moore’s politics, and as I get older, I agree more with them due to travel and experience. But I have always thought that he can go a little too far with his stunts. A reason I loved Fahrenheit 11/9 is because he’s pulled back on the extravagant stunts but has kept his opinions loud.

Fahrenheit 11/9 is a very informative film asking why Trump got elected and showing the state of America’s voting system. He did go a little extreme in places, but what he highlights are facts that are rarely spoken about in such detail and are of great consequence to the lives of many; such as explaining the Flint Michigan water crisis from its inception. And while I don’t agree with every view point in this film and do feel it is extreme comparing Trump to Hitler, addressing the politics and economics of the past is how we learn.

I think Moore did a great job in showing that for the future, we need to learn from the past. And he highlighted facts that cannot be ignored for a healthy democracy to exist. While I may not believe things are as dire as he portrays it, it doesn’t mean the underlying facts are any less relevant.

Fahrenheit 11/9 is a very well put together informative argument that dishes facts. I would recommend this film to anyone interested in world politics and are open-minded to hear all sides.

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