EVERGLOW: Zombie – K-Pop Release Review

The most unexpected comeback in K-Pop this year thus far would be from K-Pop girl group, EVERGLOW.

Admittedly, as much as I adore this group and their potential to reign, unfortunately their comebacks have been quite scarce (this is more a reflection of Yuehua Entertainment than anything else). Having debuted back in 2019 with the monster debut track ‘Bon Bon Chocolate’, EVERGLOW now have only 8 singles under their belt if you’re counting this new release. While they’re great singles, especially ‘La Di Da’ (my favourite) and ‘Pirate’, the latter of which is the perfect K-Pop club anthem, I would have expected more content from EVERGLOW by now after being in the K-Pop industry for 5 years now.

Although, after following K-Pop for years, I understand that the length of an artist being in the industry is by no means a guarantee that they will have the catalogue to match. Don’t even get me started on how EVERGLOW still don’t have a lightstick yet…

But let’s look on the bright side of things! E:U, Sihyeon, Mia, Onda, Aisha and Yiren are back with their 5th single album ‘ZOMBIE’ (named after its title track), providing listeners with a mesmerising zombie themed comeback for the Korean summer. As strange of a combination as it may seem, Korean pop culture is full of excellent zombie series and films that a zombie K-Pop music comeback doesn’t seem so out of place. It wouldn’t be the first zombie inspired K-Pop tune to exist either.

In comparison to previous singles from EVERGLOW, ‘ZOMBIE’ is more subdued, chill and doesn’t heavily reply on synths. In their music video the girls are mostly all dressed in similar attire complete with white wigs and are dancing around a hospital wing. It’s creepy, it’s captivating, and the song is a very different sound from them. It’s not what I normally expect from EVERGLOW as a lead single but it’s refreshing and I like it.

If you’re more used to EVERGLOW’s booming catchy songs, you need look no further than ‘Colourz’. The B-side track offers high hitting notes, is loud, feels empowering with the line “Let your colours show”, and contains a melody lick that feels nostalgic and energetic. While I am surprised this wasn’t chosen as the lead single of their comeback, it’s still a good song regardless and a great addition to EVERGLOW’s minimal but impressive discography.

The final track of the new single album ‘BACK 2 LUV’ is a different flavour once again to the other tunes on the record. It’s catchy, cute, sweet, ethereal and is another soft style song from the girl group. This track really exhibits the vocal ability of the members.

Overall, this new release is a solid comeback from EVERGLOW. Not every lead single from the group needs to be a punchy dance anthemic hit. Instead, ‘ZOMBIE’ proves that this talented 4th generation girl group can really sing in anything. Whatever the music style, EVERGLOW can slay it (pun intended). Considering that last year, after a ridiculous 20 month hiatus, EVERGLOW released their digital single ‘SLAY’. Although not nearly as long in between dance cards but still damn long (I am looking at you, Yuehua Entertainment), it is comforting to know that we’ve finally gotten a comeback with a physical release from EVERGLOW which consists of more than just one song – we get 3!

EVERGLOW’s ‘ZOMBIE’ is an impressive and very different comeback that my ears happily welcome from this underutilised and undeniably talented K-Pop girl group. Whether new to K-Pop or a long time fan of these girls, this latest comeback is well worth listening to. Now, Yuehua Entertainment, give us (in not another stupidly long wait time) an EVERGLOW lightstick and full album.

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