Egg – Short Film Review

Written and Directed by Michael J. Goldberg, Egg is a short film that tells the story of a single egg who have to overcome tragedy and goes on a journey to start a new life and to find love. 

The short film opens with Jeff (Alex Anfanger) who is on a date with Alana (Leah Henoch) but Jeff has already finished his meal and his mind begins to wander as Alana is rambling and hasn’t touched her food, so he begins to think about about her food going to waste and this is where the fun starts.

We are then transported to a farm where we meet Pete (Patrick Woodall) who has selected his final perfect egg for his freshest batch of eggs. Pete and his batch eggs hit the road but they are eventually held up by two goons and we are introduced to Charlie (Aaron Schroeder) who Pete owes money to. As punishment for not being able to pay him back, Charlie then orders his goons to destroy all of the eggs on the truck. When Pete checks the damage, he finds one single surviving egg and sets him free to live a new life.

The egg hitches a ride from a young woman who he makes a positive impression on, gets a job at a bar and sets itself up for a new life. But then the film returns to Jeff who is still on a date with Alana, but life as he knew it (before his mind wandered) has changed and Jeff is left scratching his head to what had transpired during his daydream.

This is a film that is certainly a one of a kind. I don’t think anyone could think of a film that is anything like this so it is certainly unique. In the films eleven minutes it goes through a lot of changes and follows a lot of different cinematic tropes.; it contains elements of a road movie, gangster movie, love story and a coming of age story and the fact that Michael J. Goldberg was able to do all of this in eleven minutes is quite remarkable and at no point does it ever feel like there is too much is going on as every segment is broken up, so it is easy to follow.

The ending does have a twist but you will need to watch it for yourself to find out what it is. Egg is without a doubt a short film that you should not miss.

Egg is available to watch online for a limited time as part of the We Are One Global Film Festival on Youtube.
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