Disney On Ice: 100 Years of Magic – Live Review

I love Disney. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated with the films, stories and characters that have come from the Disney franchise. I also adore watching figure skating whenever I can, especially during the Winter Olympics every four years. So, when ‘Disney On Ice: 100 Years of Magic’ was announced, I leaped at the opportunity to see it.

Unlike last year’s production ‘Disney On Ice: Frozen’, ‘Disney On Ice: 100 Years of Magic’ showcases characters from a variety of different Disney films such as Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Pinocchio, Finding Dory, Toy Story, Tangled, Aladdin, Lion King and my personal favourite Mulan. If you’re a Frozen fan and you missed out on last year’s production, ‘100 Years of Magic’ has a very large Frozen segment to satisfy even the tiniest of Frozen fans with numbers such as ‘Let It Go’ and ‘Love Is an Open Door’ still being performed as part of the production. For the Frozen segment only, the choreography is the same as last year’s ‘Disney On Ice: Frozen’ but a shorter more condensed version. Despite this fact, I didn’t mind and I’m pretty sure nobody else did either.

The costumes the figure skaters wear are shiny, detailed and impressive. In some instances, it is impressive how the skaters can still do their jumps, lifts and tricks whilst being in big bulky costumes, such as a Genie (Aladdin) suit. The choreography for each little story is also fun, entertaining, beautiful and somewhat mesmerizing. The cast make figure skating look so easy and effortless but having tried (and failed at) ice skating before, I know that this is not the case! The set being a castle may also sound typical, but during each different story, it would transform which I found to be very innovative and clever. In my opinion, the most impressive choreographed stories of the production were Aladdin and Mulan. But the most popular and fan favourite segments would definitely be Lion King and Frozen Every performance is good, it just really depends which film is your favourite.

If you’re keen to go to the show with your friends who grew up watching Disney films or are perhaps taking the little ones to see their favourite Disney characters with their own eyes, you’ll still be enthralled by the skill, discipline and talent by these skaters in this wonderful production.

I’ve been to my fair share of Disney On Ice productions and was overjoyed when Mulan had her own long story segment with classic numbers ‘Reflection’ and ‘I’ll Make A Man Out of You’ being performed. In previous Disney On Ice productions, Mulan has never had her own story segment before, so I was surprised, emotional and thrilled by this. If that is how I felt when watching this production, one can’t even imagine how elated a child would be seeing their favourite Disney characters at this show.

I would highly recommend seeing this production. It’s not just for kids. When I attended, I was delighted to see a variety of audience members, from families to Disney fans. Whether it be your first time seeing Disney On Ice, or something you do every year, this is the best opportunity to visit ‘the happiest place on Earth’ without even leaving your city.

For more information on tickets, visit https://www.disneyonice.com/au/en-au/tickets – but do it quick, or you’ll have to wait another year for Disney On Ice to come back, I can guarantee you it won’t be the same production.

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