Disc Room (PC) – Gaming Review

The year is 2089, a mysterious disc appears orbiting Jupiter, and it is up to you to investigate. You enter a room and are suddenly assaulted by various types of rotating discs. The slightest touch dismembers you. You appear again, except something’s changed. More doors are unlocked. You continue through room after room, dying time after time. For what purpose? What is this place? Why is it here?

Welcome to the infuriatingly addictive world that is Disc Room.

As the gameplay trailer states, Disc Room is a game about discs. Really sharp discs. Each room you enter has its own unique goals and puzzles to complete in order to unlock more rooms. Sometimes you just need to survive for a certain amount of time, while in other rooms you have to die in order to progress. Other times, the solution isn’t so easy to figure out and it can take many, many deaths to work your way through.

The movement is simple, just using the arrow keys, and you unlock and upgrade various abilities to use with the X button, such as the ability to dash through discs, slow down time or absorb discs. My personal favourite is the clone ability. You can create multiple clones to increase your chance of survival, however every time you use it, half a second is taken from your score, lengthening the amount of time you have spend in the room.

I haven’t travelled far enough into the game to get the full narrative, but the breadcrumbs they’ve dropped so far have me intrigued. At the end of each section there’s a little comic that plays out, teasing more and more of what is a gripping story, and the animations are great. Overall, this game is addictive. Every time I die, it just makes me want to play more to beat these discs. I will win if it’s the last thing I do! I will beat that top score!

This brings me to the live scoreboard. This can show all the scores of your friends who are playing, and if your friends aren’t playing it yet, it will always have the Developers’ scores available to beat. I wanted so badly to beat the Devs’ PB in every room. But it’s SO TOUGH. It feels like the timer moves SO SLOWLY, and there’s SO MANY discs. My biggest recommendation? Try to avoid watching the clock!

The music in this game is BRILLIANT. I know they’re planning to release the soundtrack on a limited edition vinyl and I will probably buy it. The pumping synth adds to the intensity of each room and really enhances the atmosphere.

To sum up, I really enjoyed this game. I am loving this current wave of indie games that ‘reward’ you for dying. It keeps you motivated during even the most frustrating moments, because at least you know you are still making some sort of progress. Each room is different, and there are varied themes for each section, keeping every run as fresh as the first.

I will say though, prepare to spend a lot of your time dying. But I urge you to embrace it and push through. Disc Room’s story is gripping, the puzzles are intriguing, and no matter how many times my little guy got sliced in half, I just had to keep going. And to me, that is the sign that we’re on to something good.

Disc Room is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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