Dinosaurs of Antarctica (IMAX 3D) – Film Review

Directed by David Clark and written by Deborah Raksany and Andy Wood, Dinosaurs of Antarctica is a documentary film that chronicles the age of the dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs of Antarctica is set millions of years ago in Antarctica where we meet a host of different dinosaurs as they roam through forests and swamps, while we are also introduced to a team of scientists who embark on a mission to Antarctica to find evidence that dinosaurs once inhabited the Antarctic in the past.

Clocking in at just under fifty minutes in length, Dinosaurs of Antarctica is a short but sweet film that provides a lot of detailed information about prehistoric dinosaurs from the beginning up until their untimely end. The film is presented like a National Geographic documentary with narration while showing animation of dinosaurs in the wild. In fact, there are a couple of moments that are reminiscent of a wildlife documentary, with scenes that show the smaller dinosaurs being chased by the larger predators. The animation is so realistic to the point that you start to believe you are watching real footage and find yourself hoping that the little dinosaurs can get away unharmed. The realistic visual effects are done by the BUF Studio whose credits also include Avatar, Life of Pi, and Blade Runner 2049.

The 3D elements of the film are so well done, some moments throughout the film where there are close-ups of dinosaurs, it really feels like you can reach out and touch them. Even when a dinosaur is shown walking, for a fleeting moment I truly believed that I was about to be stepped on by a dinosaur. Strangely, I didn’t find the scientists very compelling. Although what they were doing was interesting, in comparison, I didn’t feel they were as informative as the parts of the film with the narration and the animation. 

Dinosaurs of Antarctica is a film for all ages that is filled with stunning animation and visual effects, with enough information that will ensure you have fun and while learning things along the way.

Dinosaurs of Antarctica is currently playing in 3D exclusively at IMAX Melbourne.

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