DC League of the Super-Pets – Film Review

DC League of Super-Pets is the animated family film we’ve all been waiting for, one which finally introduces Superman’s super dog!

Everybody needs a best friend and Superman’s is Krypto (Dwayne Johnson), a canine who travelled all the way from Krypton with Superman and has thus all the same powers, except he’s a dog.

When one of super villain Lex Luthor’s plans goes awry it results in several rescue animals inadvertently receiving incredible superpowers. Chip the squirrel (Diego Luna) receives electro abilities, PB the pig (Vanessa Bayer) can change sizes, Merton the turtle (Natasha Lyonne) becomes super-fast, and their leader Ace the dog (Kevin Hart) becomes super resilient.

Unfortunately, for the city of Metropolis, Luthor‘s former test guinea pig the evil Lulu (Kate Mckinnon) has also gained powers, granted with telekinesis, Lulu plans to use it to capture the Justice League and enslave humanity! With Krypto struggling to come to terms with trusting anybody other than his beloved owner, he must learn to rely on these four-legged superhero friends to help him save the day.

Something I’ve appreciated from DC is the variety they have taken with their films, for how adult films like 2019’s ‘Joker’ was there have been child orientated films like ‘Teen Titans Go! To the Movies’ which while clearly made for a younger audience still featured many in jokes which adult fans of the comics can appreciate. The idea of superhero animals may seem completely out of the blue just to make a kids film but almost all of these furry characters are in fact deep dives from the comics or were directly inspired by specific stories.

The directing and writing team consisting of Jared Stern and John Wittington, who have previously worked as writers on ’The Lego Batman’ movie, bring the same high energy and rapid fire humour which made their previous work such a hilarious success. A decidedly sillier look at the DC extended universe, its humour lands more hits than it misses, and children undoubtedly will have a ball with the slapstick comedy on screen.

None of this would mean anything if it wasn’t for the talented voice cast behind it all. On one hand, animated films can rely a little too much on casting as many big names as possible. but here I find even some of the more outlandish casting works, such as Keanu Reeves as Batman, something we may never see in a live action. McKinnon, Lyonne, Bayer, and Luna are all perfectly cast in their respective roles and make each character pop. Headlining is the duo of Johnson and Hart who prove that even in voiceover form the two have incredible chemistry on screen together and I am happy to see Kevin Hart not typecast here in some ‘little guy’ role.

DC League of Super-Pets delivers a fun and exciting take on the world of comics without the pretence of it ever being serious in the first place. Kids unfamiliar with the source material, and die-hard fans and animal lovers alike will all find plenty to appreciate here.

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