Cupid Parasite (Nintendo Switch) – Gaming Review

Determined to overcome the impossible, Lynette Mirror is Cupid, the demigod (or should I say, demigoddess) that has decided to come down to Earth to match make impossible bachelors into marriage material at the coincidentally named Cupid Corporation.

I’ve never seen a localised otome game so colourful, vibrant, and funny before. Admittedly, most of the otome games out in the Western gaming market that I have come across are all so serious, often too serious at times, very dark and dramatic. One would be forgiven for forgetting that there are other genres out there. But Cupid Parasite really is something special.

From the colourful quirky characters, the beautiful, confident, and independent female lead, the fantastic voice acting, and the super catchy background music which various from jazz to addictive, everything about Cupid Parasite is fantastic.

Goddess of Love in disguise, Lynette aka. Cupid is the top bridal advisor at the company, situated in the imaginary city of Los York (infused from New York and Los Angeles). Lynette is given the task to help match 5 hopeless men, nicknamed the ‘Parasite 5’.

These five clients are:

  • Gill Lovecraft voiced by Ryouhei Kimura, is the nice guy, former college classmate and past friend of Lynette. He’s a bit geeky, shy, super awkward, and severely lacks confidence. Actually, Lynette broke his heart without realising it because Gill never really made his feeling clear. That’s more fault than his, to be fair.
  • Allan Melville voiced by Makoto Furukawa, is a senior employee of a bedding store which makes taylor-made pillows for each customer. He’s also an unapologetic reckless womaniser and a cunning incubus in disguise.
  • Raul Aconite voiced by Taku Yashiro, is a world-famous movie star and actor. With his stunning looks and shining talents, one would think Raul would not have a problem finding a love match. But because of his passionate obsession with Greek and Norse mythology, which he never fails to bring up in conversation, he has trouble finding someone who can relate to his passions.
  • Keisaiin F. Ryuki voiced by Junya Enoki, is a successful fashion designer from a respectable and renown fashion family. He doesn’t care for marriage and unfortunately, because of his occupation, his views, and his standards on beauty, which are stupidly high, one would think he’d be destined to be alone with his constant need for perfection.
  • Finally, we have Shelby Snail voiced by Japanese voice-actor Kenn. Shelby is actually the president of Cupid Corporation and the one who has tasked Lynette with this impossible mission. Having the reputation of a happily married man and never correcting the general public’s assumption that the reason the company is so successful is because of his own romantic successes, Shelby is painfully single and cannot live a lie forever. Shelby is taking up Lynette’s services anonymously, employing his secretary to stand in for the ‘anonymous client’.

With the task of finding the impossible men love, Lynette decides the best way to advertise these bachelors as attractive and relationship material by throwing them into REALITY TV. I’m not even kidding. And honestly, it’s both hilarious and genius.

If you’ve not played an otome game before, the best way to describe it is a ‘choose your own adventure’ romance. Unlike other otome games, Cupid Parasite chooses a path entirely based on your own decisions. There is no readily available menu that lets you easily pick which guy you want to woo you, and honestly, I prefer it this way. I admittedly didn’t have a clear favourite, but only because each love route was surprisingly interesting in its own way. I didn’t feel that any of the romance options were underdeveloped, and I was always so curious to get under each of their skins.

If I had to decide though, I’d say Shelby was my favourite of the lot, only because it seemed their story had more on the line, considering he is her boss, she’s his employee, but he also her client, and she’s well, a demigod.

Cupid Parasite is by far one of my favourite otome games now. I really hope more funny and more light-hearted otome games get localised in future, as this wonderful and hilariously romantic otome game was a breath of fresh air that made me cackle with glee and touched my heart.

Cupid Parasite is available now on Nintendo Switch digitally through the Nintendo eShop, or if you’re like me and prefer a physical copy, you can obtain one here:
A copy of this game was provided for the purpose of this review.

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