Cuban Fury – Film Review

Cuban Fury is a dance comedy starring Nick FrostChris O’Dowd and Rashida Jones.

Frost plays Bruce, a man who used to be a brilliant competitive salsa dancer when he was younger, but gave it up because he was bullied for it. When Bruce ends up falling for his new boss, Julia and discovers that she loves salsa dancing too, Bruce to decides to revisit his love of dance to win her heart. Unfortunately he’s got competition, as co-worker Drew also has his eyes on Julia, and he’s a bit of a dick too.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It was very light hearted, funny, entertaining and the cast were all great, but Kayvan Novak nearly steals the show with his character, Bejan.

I highly recommend a viewing of this film, as it’s hilariously endearing with a great storyline and lots of heart. Comedy and dance fit together perfectly in this little number.

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