Crawl – Film Review

From the director who brought us Piranha 3D, Alexandre Aja brings a new horror film to the big screen with Crawl. 

Located in Florida, a young and professional swimmer named Hayley (Kaya Scodelario) gets an incoming call from her sister after swimming practice to inform her that a Category 5 hurricane is not far from hitting town and that she was worried about not being able to get in contact with their father, Dave (Barry Pepper).

Hayley leaves practice and travels through the strong wind and rain to her father’s house where there is no sign of him, but also no sign that he had left in a rush as their family dog, Sugar was left behind. Leaving the house with Sugar, Hayley sets travel to their old family home which up for sale to find relief in seeing her father’s car parked outside.

Searching through the house, Hayley discovers her injured father in the basement and realises the two aren’t alone and are in fact trapped by alligators that have made their way on to land from the high water raise. With not much time before the two are flooded in, Hayley must use her swimming skills to help her injured father escape to higher ground and to safety from the alligators.

Now I know, this whole story of killer alligators sounds like a B grade comedy/horror, but don’t let the plot or trailer fool you. This film will have you laughing and cheering with stress levels risen higher than the storm water. As much as I wanted Hayley and her father to make it out alive, my main worry was the dog, Sugar. Adding the pet pooch raised my anxiety levels by 10.

I highly recommend this climate change disaster film to horror lovers that enjoy a good suspenseful scare. You won’t be disappointed as Crawl packs plenty of jumps and on the edge of your seat action scenes.

Crawl is in cinemas now across Australia.

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