Cats – Film Review

When reviewing this film, one question comes to mind… WHY? It seems like a total cash cow; a successful 80s musical, big name stars, a somewhat successful director. Unfortunately, they are unable to polish a turd.

Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s musical, featuring some catchy songs based on some old dude’s (T.S. Eliot) poetry, with lithe limbs dancing in lycra and leg warmers definitely does not translate well to the silver screen. The anthropomorphic cats are creepily sexual in the most disturbing of ways. Andy Blankenbuhler‘s choreography completely disregards the original iconic source material. The music is overblown and far too loud. And for the love of God – why cast someone in a musical who cannot sing!? I’m looking at you, Rebel Wilson.

The only saving grace of this film is the incomparable Jennifer Hudson. However, even she is unable to rescue the movie from the pits of despair. One might question why the need to be so scathing? Fair point. Surely there are some good bits? Truth be told, the answer is hard to give.

Cats is so confusing and terrifying that you’ll spend most of the time scratching your head or trying to scratch out your eyes.

The best way to watch this movie? Under the influence of sleeping pills.

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