Cars 3 – Film Review

Eleven years after the first Cars film and six years after the second, Cars 3 made me realise how old the film series is when the storyline is about Lightning McQueen being considered old.

Overwhelmed and unable to compete with the new generation of fast cars entering the competitive racing field, Lightning McQueen is forced to buckle down and train to help get back in the game. He meets Cruz Ramirez, a young fitness trainer for fellow racers and finds a shared passion and understanding for her aspirations.

The animation in this film is incredible. The scenery shots look real; the racing track scenes, the slow-motion car crashes – everything was visually stunning. Pixar really have outdone themselves this time. Although the visuals were ever impressive, it is the storyline that won me over. The storyline for Cars 3 is heartfelt and is the cement that ties all three films together. Reminiscent of the first film, Cars 3 goes down a similar route but is mature and feels more aimed at the adults that grew up watching the original movie. Not that children cannot watch this, but it is certainly less playful than its predecessors.

Although it was nice to hear Owen Wilson voice acting again, the part that cut me up was Paul Newman posthumously voice acting the character of Doc Hudson. Paul Newman actually passed away 9 years ago back in 2008, so you sure bet I was sobbing in the cinema. The film not only had his talented voice once again, but it really felt like it was a nice tribute to him too.

Seeing Lightning McQueen again on the big screen felt like all those years in between didn’t matter. But it also reminded me that life can and will change. The best we can do is enjoy the ride.

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One thought on “Cars 3 – Film Review”

  1. xander85 says:

    Rather clever how it’s 11 years and he’s “old”, it’s true. Car racing technology has progressed so much. Loved how it was “timeline accurate” in that sense.
    ps. shakes fist at pixar yet again for making me cry

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