Bliss – Film Review

When struggling artist, Dezzy (Dora Madison) is dropped from her agency for failing to finish an art piece, Dezzy turns to her reliable dealer to help boost the inspiration and motivation she has been lacking.

Being clean for the past three months, and also behind in rent, Dezzy makes it her mission to complete the art piece without an agent to receive the bank cheque she desperately needs. Calling up her old dealer, Hadrian (Grahram Skipper), he offers Dezzy three options of cocaine from mild, medium to the extreme. Already behind in finishing the artwork, Dezzy goes for the strongest choice to help get her brain juice flowing and goes on a bender with her old friend Courtney (Tru Collins). Waking up the next day, Dezzy struggles to remember the night before, but realises there has been some additional pieces added to her art.

The day turns to night fast, and Dezzy hits the town again on another bender, snorting several lines and downing multiple alcoholic beverages. At this point it had me questioning how this artist, who can’t afford rent, is able to afford so many drinks and drugs? Until I noticed that money is never exchanged for these substances. Was someone else paying or did the camera just not show Dezzy pay for anything? Either way, she sure seems to have a good time, ‘til everything starts to go pear-shaped and Dezzy starts to see and feel things, which is where Bliss become the ultimate blood bath of a horror film.

When the film starts, you instantly notice the quality of the film being not super sharp, and had me questioning whether I watching a film with the same title from 10 years ago? But as I adjusted, I began to appreciate that artsy vibe and could see that 80’s direction that they were going for.

I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed Bliss. I wasn’t super keen after watching the trailer, but Bliss took me on the journey of drugs and sex, showing the addiction and handling of an addict. Dora Madison did a fantastic job as the main character and I was captivated by her every move from her (literally) highs to her lows. At times it felt like Dezzy was possibly inhaling more drugs than the human body can handle, but it added suspicion and mystery to the scenes that came off bizarre and a bit over the top.

Bliss is film for fans of indie horror, that appreciate not only the film itself, but also the artistry. Bliss not for the faint-hearted, as the gory scenes are a little extreme.

Set to be released in selective cinemas from the 2
nd of November, be sure to check out Bliss.

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