Baywatch – Film Review

When Baywatch was announced to star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Zac Efron and Priyanka Chopra, I was excited. Not because I like Baywatch. I’ve never seen the original TV series in my life. I was excited for the cast. I like The Rock because he’s charismatic, Zac Efron is always a treat and Priyanka Chopra is amazing in Quantico. Although I do believe that the cast did the best they did with the script they were given, a good cast doesn’t necessarily make a good movie. Sometimes, even the script is at its best and is still not enough to save a movie. Because you can only expand on sexy life guards so much, right?

So if you want to go see a film for it’s amazing depth and plot, this movie isn’t for you. If you want a cheap laugh and to be mildly entertained, go right ahead. After all, in Baywatch they’re all still pretty to look at.

One thought on “Baywatch – Film Review”

  1. xander85 says:

    It was so cheesy it was good. And the hoff being the old mentor was cool!

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