Bad Neighbours – Film Review

Bad Neighbours stars Seth RoganRose ByrneZac Efron and Dave Franco. It tells the loose storyline of a married couple next door to a fraternity, both being immature and pulling pranks on each other.

Besides the basic plot, there is not much to this film. The storyline is very simple, and there is barely any character development. But If you’re going to see this type of film, you see it for the funny scenes – the ones you see in the trailer that entice you to go see this film. The problem with this film is, most of the funny parts are already shown in the trailer, which is a shame and quite disappointing. The funny scenes seemed like little Youtube videos meshed together to make a film, with lots of filler in between.

Whilst the acting from the cast was good, this film was unsatisfying and left a lot to be desired. And although I’m not a parent, I kept wondering whilst the parents were wandering around pulling pranks, who was actually taking care of their child? The idea that they left their baby at home alone already concerned me. I had expected the fraternity boys to kidnap the child and use the baby as their mascot, but of course – that didn’t happen. No, that storyline would’ve been “TOO GOOD” otherwise.

If you must watch this movie, wait for DVD. There is no reason to see it in the cinemas anytime soon. I give it a big MISS. Sorry, great cast. This movie did nothing for me. Nothing.

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