Amazon Adventure 3D (IMAX) – Film Review

Amazon Adventure 3D is an educational drama telling the real-life story of passionate English naturalist and explorer, Henry Bates on his expedition through the Amazon rainforest in the late 1840’s to the 1850’s.

Going into this film, I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I experienced was so much more inspiring than I could imagine. The film follows Henry Bates on his 11-year journey to find evidence on the mimicry of animals. This is a discovery that I never even thought to question, but I am glad someone else did.

Although acted out and not an actual documentary (because the 1850’s was a long damn time ago), I found Henry Bates’ love for the Amazon, his drive and his persistence to find evidence of mimicry fascinating. I absolutely recommend this film for anyone who is interested in life, science and evolution. Although only 45 minutes long, this film will stay with you long after the movie is over and will ignite a desire in you to travel, discover and document your journey, just like Henry Bates.

If not for this movie, I would never have known this great man existed. I am upset that I was never taught about Henry Bates in school, but I am grateful for IMAX showing films like these and I am thankful to be still learning and discovering. We should all be open to be as passionate about life, discovery and science as much as Henry Bates was.

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