Alice In Wonderland: Live On Stage – Theatre Review

Alice In Wonderland: Live On Stage is a stage play of Lewis Carroll’s classic novel. From the beginning when you walk into the theatre, there is a sound of birds chirping through the speakers which make you feel like you’ve entered a forest. When the lights begin to fade, and smoke appears, five characters emerge to tell you the tale of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.

With a cast of only eight, it is impressive to see all these talented actors play multiple roles in this production. While the set does not change, I felt I went on an adventure nevertheless as the actors had many lavish costumes, props and puppets at their disposal. Although the show is targeted at children, it can be enjoyed by anyone. The language is still very much like the book with many quotes and poems recited during the production.

I really enjoyed Georgina Walker as Alice. She made Alice seem very inquisitive, outspoken and stubborn, but not in a bratty way. I also loved as Alice journeyed on, the less patience she had for the folk of Wonderland who didn’t make any sense. The best part of the production however, was the choice of actors for both the Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter; the Queen of Hearts being played by male actor, Simon Burville-Holmes and the Mad Hatter played by female actor, Karen Crone. I found the role reversal fun, daring and refreshing.

Although the story of Alice In Wonderland is condensed in this production to one hour with no interval, it remains true to the novel and every minute is enjoyable. I highly suggest you take a trip down the rabbit hole and see this show.

Alice In Wonderland: Live On Stage will be touring Australia from January 9-10th in Melbourne at Athenaeum Theatre, January 12th in Adelaide at Her Majesty’s Theatre and January 14th at Canberra Theatre Centre in Canberra.

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