Alcotraz: Immersive Cocktail Experience – Experience Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I have always wanted to experience jail. Never had I desired to don an orange jumpsuit and be confined like I did for the Alcotraz immersive cocktail experience. Originating from the UK and presented by Fever, Alcotraz extended its reaches to the land down under, where smuggling alcohol becomes a mission and escaping confinement another challenge.

Entering Alcotraz, we were instantly transported into a prison-like atmosphere. Our friendly crooked guard, Gil, warmly welcomed us and disclosed the essential skills needed for smuggling the inevitable: alcohol. 

Next was meeting guard Willmot who helped distributed our jumpsuits, which do tend to run small, so don’t hesitate to ask for a size or two up! As Willmot put it, “we don’t want you feeling uncomfortable here; it’s just prison,” and “we don’t mind if it’s a bit oversized; roll up the sleeves. It’s not fashion week.” Adjust those jumpsuits for comfort because escaping won’t be a walk in the park, and I strongly advise against wearing tight denim or trackies if you’re planning to join Cassidy — it’ll be a struggle to squeeze in and out.

While we didn’t personally smuggle alcohol for this experience, it’s important to highlight that when you do, all drinks are custom crafted to suit your palate. So, make sure to pack your choice of poison, new and sealed.

Once we were comfortably settled into our cells, the kitchen staff inmates, asked for our preferences in ‘chicken soup’. Inmate Smokey, concocted four unique creations with his own creative flair and personal twists, ensuring our taste buds were treated to a delightful dance of flavours.

My favourite line up of ‘chicken soup’ concocted by Smokey were the first and third. The first cocktail leaned towards a zestier profile that contrasts with the smoky richness of whiskey in the third cocktail. If you prefer a non-alcoholic option, the skilled bartenders can and will whip up some delightful ‘vegetarian soup; creations for your sober night out. There is something for everyone.

Our custom drinks were the following:

  • Vodka based with apple juice, cranberry juice, a bit of peach syrup, plum puree syrup and just the classics of lime and couple dashes of bitters
  • Rum based with pineapple, cinnamon, vanilla, a bit of lime and couple dashes of bitters
  • Whiskey based with chocolate, a bit of walnut beer, a bit of apple juice and lemon
  • Whiskey based with a bit of apple juice, a bit of lemon juice, a bit of cherry syrup and a bit of bitters

Between each ‘chicken soup’ everyone was able to get involved, whether it be taking your mugshots, conspiring against inmates, devising escape plans with Cassidy or being the snitch to Warden Tough Honey. This really drove the experience where you are at your wits to convince the Warden not to deny your parole. Stir up some trouble and you might even get invited to the Warden’s office. Now wouldn’t that be a treat?

During the third serving of ‘chicken soup’, Willmot invited us to visit Cassidy in solitude. In here, behind his four walls Cassidy interrogates us fellow inmates and shares his token of appreciation with a tradition in the Cassidy family – shots.

 Now if you thought you didn’t get your chance to take your personal mugshots, don’t fret. Closing in on our final cocktails was a visit to the Warden’s Office where we were to state our case for parole. Give it your best and fight for that freedom. Then snap up some mugshots before returning to your cells.

Embrace your finest personas, wit, and sass, and indulge in everything that Alcotraz and their skilled team have in store for the duration of your detainment, as comedic boundaries will be tested and except for anything unlawful or (hopefully nothing) requiring cleaning up, almost nothing is off-limits. It’s truly a prison experience brimming with banter, humour, laughs and naturally, Cassidy’s famous chicken soup.

The speakeasy cocktail bar exceeded expectations. Beginning with a respectful acknowledgment of our ancestral land, Alcotraz has crafted a fun immersive experience designed for you, the inmate. Currently running in Melbourne until August 31st and located at 592 Elizabeth Street in the CBD, Alcotraz is a must-visit destination, conveniently located just a few tram stops away from the nearest train station. Now, that’s what I call drinking responsibly! Spots are limited so make sure to book in early.

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