Ailee – Room Shaker – Music Video Review

For K-Pop diva Aliee, it’s been a long time in between songs with her previous track “Reminiscing” released two years ago, and even longer between up-tempo tunes. In “Room Shaker”, the title track to Ailee’s comeback album “Butterfly”, the Korean-American songstress is back in a big way. More known as a balladeer, “Room Shaker” is a surprisingly refreshing and welcome change in comparison to her otherwise mostly slow catalog.

Sporting purple locks, wielding a baseball bat and displaying a sexy, powerful, fierce attitude, Ailee returns with a hard-hitting hip-hop style track blended with pop, rapping, EDM and trap elements, a sound which is all too familiar in the K-Pop industry and has been popular for a few years now. I feel that since Ailee has been missing in action for a while with her solo music (still however active with collaborations), Ailee is only now catching up on the trend.

The music video is somewhat overstimulating with the multiple outfits from a pink suit, a ‘girl crush’ Fendi outfit, a black shimmering dress, a white short skirted outfit complimented with a fluffy pink fur coat, to a glittery long sleeve cocktail gown. With the ever-changing scenes and impressive choreography, the overstimulating music video compliments the song nicely.

In truth, I was surprised to see Ailee dance so well, considering most of her previous songs are admittedly ballads, I guess she hasn’t had the opportunity to dance much with her slow music. Of course, this is all changing with her upbeat comeback and new feisty image. The song itself is quite catchy and I really like the ‘Go merry, go round’ hook.

Ailee has always been an incredible vocalist, but with “Room Shaker” this K-Pop diva has returned to show the world in a big way (not that she had anything to prove) that she really can do anything.

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