A Lovely Day To Be Online {Adelaide Fringe} – Comedy Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

There is absolutely no doubt that many people have an unhealthy addiction to the internet and the social media platforms it plays host to. Who hasn’t spent hours in bed, doom scrolling through TikTok or finding yourself on the dark, weird side of Reddit? I know I’m guilty of this for sure and would hate to know how many hours I’ve wasted.

From the internet addled mind of Connor Morel comes to high energy cabaret romp, A Lovely Day To Be Online. I went into this show not knowing what to expect, and to be honest, I’ve seen very little cabaret. I’d always thought it was a dolled-up woman singing her lungs out while rolling around on a piano being played by a sharp dressed man in a suit. Maybe, I’m just uncultured.

Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised with the show I was presented with, which was far from what I had in mind. Instead, it felt like I was walking into a normal rock gig. The stage was adorned with a Korg Keyboard, acoustic guitar, small drum kit and a bass. This I can get around as I am a huge fan of live music!

When the show kicked off, Connor jumped on the keyboard, joined on stage by his equally talented band mates Jake Pickering on drums and Katherine Ades on the bass. The trio work together cohesively to create some of the catchiest and boppy tunes I’ve heard in a long time. I’ve had one of these songs stuck in my head all day – ‘Keyboard Warriors’!!!

Connor explains through the art of song and via his smart and funny lyrics that he’s recently been dumped by his girlfriend and finds himself turning to his phone as a crutch, spending his days and nights endlessly scrolling, liking, Googling, and obsessing. A Lovely Day To Be Online is a social commentary on the world we live in today, and just how massive a part of life the internet has become for most people.

With the incredible highs and dopamine hits come the crashing lows. The realization that your life is a mess and the little black rectangle is just making everything so much worse. The show is a rollercoaster of emotions, going from the high energy numbers to a deep dark place as Connor loses control of his social media accounts and hits rock bottom. 

Connor is one hell of a performer! He is so high energy and expressionistic, radiating positive vibes that fill the room and your heart. He is an absolute machine on the keyboard and master of the guitar. While Connor is talented on the instruments, I think his vocals are where he really shines! He has an amazing vocal range and delivers his funny and goofy lyrics with ease. If I was singing those songs, I’d be struggling to hold back the laughter. Adding to the live music experience was the awesome lighting design that accompanied each song and performance.

A Lovely Day To Be Online is the perfect hybrid of live music and musical theatre. It was honestly like nothing I had ever experienced and I loved every moment of it. I was bopping my head along, tapping my foot uncontrollably, and was 100% invested in Connor’s story. I cannot recommend this show highly enough. I loved it!

A Lovely Day To Be Online is currently playing at The Breakout at The Mill as part of Adelaide Fringe 2023 until March 19th. It will then be at Brunswick Ballroom as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival on the 13 and 14th of April.
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Photography by Lucinda Goodwin of Lucinda Goodwin Photography.

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