A Good Day To Die Hard – Film Review

I wish I could say that the official film trailer was the best representation of the filmbut it isn’tThe trailer shows many deleted scenes which confuses meWhy would you cut a trailer only for the scenes to not be in the film? Because of this, I think a lot of people would be disappointed. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves… I haven’t told you the good things about it yet, let alone actually written the title of the film. Okay, let’s start over for a moment… 3, 2, 1…

A Good Day To Die Hard” is an action-packed fifth instalment to the already epic Die Hard franchise. Bruce Willis reunites us with our favourite American cop, “John McClane” this time with an adventure in Moscow. Whilst McClane is apparently “on vacation”, he seeks out his estranged son played by Australian actor, Jai Courtney who appears to be in all sorts of legal trouble abroad.

I won’t go into the plotline much to avoid spoilers, but I will say that despite the cut-scenes that were displayed in the trailer, “A Good Day To Die Hard” isactually a GOOD film. It will never be your favourite, and it will never be the best one in the series – but I believe it definitely belongs in this franchise. I personally prefer this film better than it’s predecessor, “Live Free or Die Hard”.

Despite my praise for “A Good Day To Die Hard”, it does lack many things that were present in previous films of the franchise. In the other films in the series, the villains have had a lot of character and are all entertaining in their own ways – this film did not have that. There was not much character development either and I sometimes found the dialogue quite boring regarding the bickering between McClane and his son. It’s not the acting though, the acting is great. I believe it was the writing that let the film down. There are also many moments that aren’t plausible or realistic, although I don’t think people really care about that. I mean, it is “Die Hard” after all. The action scenes are phenomenal. There is an epic car chase scene in the film that is well worth the movie ticket purchase alone.

I really enjoyed this film and believe Die Hard fans will be satisfied with this instalment in the franchise. Keep an ear out for some references that pay tribute to the original film too. It was so great to see Bruce Willis in an action film once again and in a lead role. I really hope that this isn’t the last of the Die Hard series because I still want more and I don’t think that John McClane‘s story is done yet.

It will never win Oscars or Emmy awards, but who really cares? If you love action, want to see a great action-packed film and basically watch Bruce Willis kill bad guys and blow up shit – this movie is everything you have ever hoped for.

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