23 Walks – Film Review

Written and directed by Paul Morrison, 23 Walks is a British romantic drama that tells the story of Dave (Dave Johns) and Fern (Alison Steadman), who get to know each other when they take their dogs for their daily walks.

Dave and Fern are both in their sixties and start a new relationship. But Fern is reluctant to jump into a new relationship, having not long separated with her husband. Dave also has a secret that puts the newly formed courtship in jeopardy. Despite these setbacks, Dave and Fern try their best to make their relationship work as they soon begin to have feelings for each other and their two dogs enjoy each others company as well.

23 Walks is a sweet, sad and funny film. It has a lot of heart and it is quite refreshing to see a romantic movie where the two main characters are at the later stages of their life, as I believe that it brings a different perspective to romantic film. With two characters who are both older and have had over sixty years of life experience, they reflect on what they have been through in their lives, which obviously includes many ups and downs.

Both characters are lonely and reliant on the company of their pet dogs, Dave Johns as Dave was perfect cast because he is believable as a lonely man who is overjoyed to have a human female companion. So much to the point that he can get a little too excited and you can’t help but both sorry for him and happy as well that he has met someone new. I can say the same about Alison Steadman as Fern. You really do believe that she recently had her heartbroken by her husband and even though she obviously has feelings for Dave, she doesn’t want to rush into a new relationship and take things slow. You can also see that she is still upset over splitting up with her husband.

Dave and Fern have been unhappy for a very long time and even though they have the companionship of their dogs, they also yearn for human love. 23 Walks is a film that will make you feel every emotion and will show you that you are never too old to fall in love.

23 Walks will be playing in cinemas across Australia (except for Victoria) from the 30th of July.

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